Who is a Springfield Wedding DJ?

The figure of Wedding DJ Springfield Massachusetts is surrounded by myths, just as no less than the figure of a rock guitarist.
DJs in the modern sense of the word appeared in the first half of the ’70s. It’s not even that, what kind of music they then plant (in Jamaica – Reggae in the posh New York ballrooms – party, in the Bronx – hip-hop), the trick DJing was and still is in the hands of DJ all known records begin to sound in a new way and to make the audience a completely different effect. Without going into the subtle differences between the technologies DJ craft, we can say that the basic idea was to present the music as a continuous audio stream going. This stream is collected from the dance – that is more or less rhythmic – music recorded on vinyl records, which no audible joints infest each other.

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The highest, the last and only goal deejay – encourage people to dance. Good DJ – this is not the one with the good records, and not the one who knows how to stitch them into a long intestine, and the one who is able to control the mood of the dancers, make public, bring it to a state of ecstasy. Dancing to DJ music should ideally be just ecstatic.

Initially, DJs wound up just dance music that was played on the radio and you buy in grocery stores is quite ordinary people. But in the mid-80’s – with the advent of so-called “house” and “techno” – DJ became a works records that are recorded and produced small editions for them. These were the kind of material – songs that had only one rhythmic foundation. These audio semis are called “tracks”, commonly called track – this track is a multi-track recording, the rhythm track – this track is recorded with the drums. At the track there is no beginning, no end, no dramatic development in the middle. In the course of the track a few times to escalate tensions, then – silence, relaxation, and stress is creeping up again.

Of course, the music and the chords are keyboards, and slow dissolves synth clouds, and music, but most importantly in the DJ music – it’s the bass and drums. By the way, here lie the origins of the famous opposition to techno and rock. Rock – it’s drums, bass and guitar, techno – drums and bass and guitar no. However, from the point of view of traditional pop music playing in the DJ music was something much more important – namely, life. Rhythmic shaft, which drives the DJ, can not hide her native origin, because the tracks for the house DJ’s recorded with a drum machine.

Music that gets the DJ, no man has never played it like cabbage, consists of many layers of machine rhythm.
Whether this is the reason for the complex case and doubt? By no means!
In the late 80’s began to form apologetics DJing and techno house music.
Ideally techno music listener should not know who did it. In other words, the technology avoids the pictures with one’s mugs and, therefore, rejects the stars in techno DJs no image. Refusing sounding word, techno give up the printed word: the technology is literally nothing to say.
There is no technology content, technology did not want to tell you, and no promises for the future. Techno nowhere encourages and requires no sacrifice. Technology provides a momentary feeling of freedom. And happiness. As well as the feeling that you are not alone. That’s it.

Techno – it’s the music of the future … technology is developing very fast, techno – it’s the only area of music in which there has been progress, the rest of the stagnation and decline, at best – trying to keep up with the technology, using it to achieve. Thus, technology impregnates all modern pop and rock music, takes them out of the crisis.

Moreover, technology has changed not only the sound of our civilization, but also its image. The visual style of techno eliminated nasty and notorious aesthetics of the 80’s. This refers to the high-tech computer graphics, as well as bright and extravagant style of clothing and interior decoration.
Techno – electronic music. Its development is linked to the rapid development of the most advanced equipment, high-technology.
Techno – intricate layered music. Techno has a soul movement. Techno appeals to the senses.
DJ – this is a new type of musician. He did not simply make records, he is in contact with live dancing crowd, he magnetizes it. DJ, docking tracks and letting them parallel to each other, these are made ​​of semi-live music. Incidentally, this is why technology is beyond criticism, music critics do not dance, and judged by techno records, that is, semi-finished products. But you can not judge the quality of the restaurant, looking into the fridge in the kitchen and trying to bite a frozen chicken! (This is the famous German DJ Vestbama argument.)

The result of the procedure “sostykovyvaniya tracks and transmittance in parallel to each other,” said mix. A plate that gets DJ, very often remixes DJ, so to say, mixes remixes, that is, speaking in languages, stirring mixture.

Remix – this is a new track, made ​​from fragments of already available. Roughly speaking, the original music take a few fragments – drum beat characteristic sigh or squeak, fixate (that is repeated a hundred times without change), and get new music. And since almost all the Wedding DJ Springfield music made ​​from sounds of the same synths, all existing tracks to some degree is a remix of one another.
Techno house music made ​​by combining well-known components, that is, this music is combinatorial. And the DJ – the last resort, the last schemer, he of interchangeable tracks, consisting of the same basic elements, collects rhythmically uhayuschy puzzle.

Techno – music of the future? DJ – Musician era of conceptual art? Techno is beyond criticism? Techno hard work? The validity of this thesis is permissible to doubt, worst of all, perhaps, is the fact that in real life dancing to the ‘modern techno house music “- it is not uncommon for an incendiary. Takes a long time to train myself to learn how to ignite under monotonic and maloizobretatelny knock, however, any kind of pop music requires many years of training.

Boom around techno and house music DJ’s around the mean first of all coming to a new generation of music enthusiasts and amateurs. Musicians are those who previously would have thought that it might be related to music, or rather – for audio creation. In many ways, this situation is similar to the era of the late 70’s: to be punk, to be able to play guitar like Jimmy Page does not need to be a DJ and techno producer in many cases it is sufficient to be able to slam his foot to the beat of a drum machine clatter. Falling prices for personal computers and increase their power made ​​possible the production of more or less acceptable (though stylistically highly limited) music right at your desk. Actually, it is the very fact which radically changed the face of modern pop music, not the appearance of a mysterious, infernal figures DJ.

DJs are not replaced “real” musicians, the DJ profession is not such a wonderful and desirable. If you want wide generalizations, we can say this: the “before” music composed by young, thoughtful twang guitar, Depeche Mode and all the metal is still just that work, the musicians, the heirs of the troubadours. And “now” music makes depressive schizophrenic taraschaschiesya the screens of their computers and move the mouse around the screen back and forth audio cubes.

Today, DJ’s, like, back to the beginning of the 70’s – they do the routine work of articulation partys. And, unfortunately, the music that they give birth, and could not some how far removed from the standards of the mid-’70s.


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