Live Guitar Performances & D.J.

We make the party happen!

Performing the Music Acoustically you Want to Hear (Over 150 Selections Available) We perform at any event, bar, or wedding. We also offer DJ services (with light show). I recommend checking out the Band Bio page to learn a little more about OFTS and the people involved.

We also have a Booking page and a page where you can reach us with any questions or suggestions for the site. We also have a Facebook fan site you can join to support the band. While your browsing around please be sure to visit one of our sponsors below to support this site and get it going! We are currently being advertised on Facebook and plan to expand within the coming week.

Public and private events

We provide entertainment for both public and private events including wedding parties, rockin graduations, family friendly get togethers, festivals, bars and we even throw our own parties! Check out our media page for band artwork and samples from shows. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to get all the latest updates, information on public events and parties you can come to. Groupies welcome! The music never stops!

DJ’d events

One For The Show currently has over 150 songs available to play acoustically LIVE for you! Larry is learning more songs and will try anything upon request. One For The Show also can provide DJ’d event (with lights included) and had many songs to choose from. If you wanna hear any of the listed songs LIVE check out the Booking section.

Have a request? We can play it!

O N E F O R T H E S H O W will be doing a first. Coming so we will have a phone number for you to text your favorite song and have it played by Larry! O N E F O R T H E S H O W also provides event services with laser light shows and a computerized DJ event with thousands of songs to request from! The possibilities are endless…


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